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Brevard School Board Narrowly Approves Policy To Protect LGBT Students, Staff


The Brevard County School Board voted 3-2 to expand its non-discrimination policy to include protections for LGBT students and staff.

People packed a public hearing Tuesday to speak on the issue. The policy includes protections for students and staff based on sexual orientation, transgender status and gender identity. It would allow students and staff to file complaints if they feel they were discriminated against in school programs, activities and employment opportunities.

School Board Chairman Andy Ziegler supports the policy.

"Because yes, bullying is alive and well," Ziegler said. "And trust me, we feel it up here on a regular basis. We never lose sight of that. So from the perspective of this policy, I do support the changes to this policy."

Some members worried the policy could be the basis for a lawsuit against Brevard schools. Board Member Karen Henderson said it isn’t in the school’s best interest to change the policy.

"I too have been walking the neighborhoods talking to people," Henderson said. "Our community as a whole doesn't want us to do this at this time."

The ordinance will now ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Check here to read the policy, and check here for previous stories about the Brevard County policy.