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Spotlight: Owner Of Three Masks African Art Space: "Going To My Workplace Is Like Going Home"


A space in downtown Orlando holds treasures directly from Africa, including mysterious masks and sculptures. Timothy Babatunde-Tokunbo Adebule is owner of Three Masks--a local art gallery, gift store and event venue.


"I love it. Everyday going to my workplace is like going home, going home in Nigeria and some people are getting very endeared to that right now. They come in to the store and they're so happy, they happy to share, happy to relax themselves and happy to be able to hear little stories from the continent," said Adebule.

Three Masks hosts an event every last Saturday of the month called "Art Talk." It includes food, arts and crafts, live music and an open mic for people to showcase their talents. Listen to this Spotlight interview by clicking on the audio player above!