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Intersection: Abortion Laws, Pulse Documents & Call For Special Session


The US supreme court dealt a blow to restrictive abortion laws in Texas. The Texas had cut the number of abortion clinics from 40 to 10. Pro choice groups are cheering the decision Meanwhile a similar in Florida is also before the courts. What impact will the US supreme court’s ruling have on Florida?

It’s nearly three weeks since the shooting at Pulse nightclub. New details about the mass shooting are emerging slowly. Media organizations have sued the city to get 911 recordings from that night. The city says its hands are tied by the FBI investigation. And now the Department of Justice is involved and the case has moved to federal court. How much information should the public have access to about the shooting? What questions are lingering about what happened in the hours before the gunman was killed?

A group of lawmakers and other organizations are calling for a special session to discuss gun legislation. They don’t want to take guns away from law abiding citizens… but they do want stricter background checks, and a way to stop people on the FBI’s no fly and other watch lists from buying guns in Florida. Senate President Andy Gardiner says the state can’t step in and lead where the federal government is not. Governor Rick Scott says the real issue is not gun control but ISIS. So what’s to be done?