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Spotlight: Orlando Artist Helping Community Heal With Free Art


Healing the city with free art. That’s what Orlando artist Danny Rock is doing one painting at a time.

He’s been painting red and black shadows of people holding hands or birds on stark white canvasses. Some have words: Love, amor, you matter, hope.

He's been leaving the works of art at places all over town and then posting clues on Facebook, encouraging people to find them-- scavenger hunt style. Earlier this week, Danny Rock dropped off a few paintings at the Orlando Museum of Art.

He's done about 30 stencil art pieces since the Pulse mass shooting. He's bringing light to people but he also admits this project has been helping him with his own grieving process.

"I found that I was trying to distract myself a little from feeling pain with doing this whole project but at the same time I wanted to really express how I felt about it, how devastating it was," he said.

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