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Smoke Shuts Down I-95 In Volusia County

I-95 shuts down in Volusia County
I-95 shuts down in Volusia County

Traffic is flowing on I-95, but that wasn’t the case early this morning. Florida Highway Patrol shut down the interstate in both directions near I-4 in Volusia County due to heavy smoke from a brush fire. It was the second morning heavy smoke shut down I-95.

FHP’s Sargent Kim Montes said that they typically see visibility issues between 2:00 and 6:00 am before the sun has a chance to burn off the smoke.

“But we want drivers to realize this has the potential to occur for several nights after an active fire, so we will have troopers out there all night again monitoring that stretch of I-95," Montes said. "If visibility drops overnight then we will shut it down again if it gets to a level where it becomes dangerous.”

Smoke could be a problem again tomorrow morning and she urges drivers to be cautious.