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Central Florida Rep. Plakon: "It's Too Early To Talk About Gun Laws"

Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee. Source: WikiMedia Commons
Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee. Source: WikiMedia Commons

Central Florida lawmakers are weighing in on gun regulation following the Pulse mass shooting. But at least one local lawmaker isn’t ready to share his ideas yet. Republican Representative Scott Plakon of Longwood said it’s too early to talk about divisive issues.

“There are families suffering, our community has been devastated and what we should be talking about right now, two days after this terrible tragedy, is things we can come together on, like what a great place Orlando is and celebrating each part of these peoples’ lives, and I’m sure that we’ll hear their stories come out,” said Plakon.

Plakon said he will talk specifics about his ideas related to gun laws when he feels it’s appropriate to do so in the days or weeks ahead.

He said his first reaction after his daughter told him about the shooting was to check on the people he knows that went to Pulse nightclub often.