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CEO Of Homeless Commission Turns In Resignation


The CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness has resigned.

The Orlando Sentinel named Andrae Bailey  its “Central Floridian of the Year,” and a new report found homelessness dropped by 20 percent in the last year. But Bailey made a two-year commitment to the commission and has stayed on longer than that. It’s why Commission chair Linda Gonzalez said his resignation was not a surprise

“The biggest change for us will be just his unbelievable commitment to this issue and everything he’s done for us,” said Gonzalez. “So that will be sorely missed.”

Bailey will remain until the end of the year. After that, he says he will start a new non-profit focused on homelessness.

“I’m still going to be alongside them working in this community, just from a different position,” said Bailey. “And a position that allows me to take this civic engagement model on homelessness to cities that really need it.”