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Intersection: Friday News Round Table

Credit: https://www.floridastateparks.org
Credit: https://www.floridastateparks.org

The presidential primary heads South and West this weekend. Republican presidential candidates are duking it out in South Carolina and Democratic hopefuls are on the hustings in Nevada.

Jeb Bush has put a lot of effort into South Carolina but it’s Marco Rubio who scored Governor Nikki Haley’s endorsement. Meanwhile Floridians are already voting weeks out from this state’s primary. Are you one of them?

Should the governor be allowed  to use military force to keep unwanted refugees out of Florida? That bill is making its way through the House.

The head of the state Department of Environmental Protection is keen to make parks  self sustaining but does that mean opening them up to logging and hunting?

And the city of Groveland wants Rick Scott to exonerate the Groveland Four the men at the center of an infamous case from right before the civil rights movement.