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Intersection: Friday News Round Table


Governor Rick Scott delivered his annual state of the state address, calling on the legislature for 250-million-dollars for job creation and a billion dollar tax cut. Meanwhile the power-ball reached a record jackpot but what’s the downside to lottery fever?

From big money to big animals the circus rolls into Orlando this weekend and it could be the last time you’ll see elephants performing. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey says it’ll end the elephant show in a few months about two years ahead of schedule. Is it the right move at the right time for the circus? Is it all part of a seismic shift in attitudes to the role of animals in entertainment we’re seeing elsewhere in Central Florida?

In Brevard County, a commissioner wants a second look at the slow speed zones for boats saying they may not be doing anything to save the beloved manatees. Manatee insanity or a reasonable approach?

The supreme court rules Florida’s death penalty is unconstitutional, so what does that mean for the state’s 390 death row inmates?

Then have you been Hispandered to lately? If you speak Spanish and vote you probably have. What is Hispandering and why are political commentators warning you to watch out for it this campaign season?

It’s the Friday News Roundtable on 90.7