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Intersection: Best of 2015


We’re looking back at some of the best shows on Intersection from 2015.

First we’ll revisit an interview with hotelier and philanthropist Harris Rosen. Rosen’s invested time and money into revitalizing the neighborhood of Tangelo Park and he wants to do the same for Parramore. We spoke to Rosen as part of 90.7’s series on the profound transformation taking place in Parramore.

Then, Intersection delved into the arts in 2015. We’ll look back at two interviews: one with the principal clarinet and flute from the Orlando Philharmonic- Nikolay and Colleen Blagov and a conversation with veteran and poet Brian Turner.

Food is also an important part of the culture of a community as we found in 90.7’s series on Little Vietnam. We’ll return to Little Vietnam for a conversation with Ricky Ly about the culinary influences on that neighborhood. And finally barefoot farmer Paul Tomazin tours us around his family farm and Hari Pulapaka talks about farm to table cooking.