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Central Florida Family Shares Medical Miracle Story: 'Jaxon Strong'

Photo courtesy of the Buell family.
Photo courtesy of the Buell family.

Jaxon Buell is about to celebrate his second Christmas. This is amazing because Jaxon was born without part of his brain and skull. Doctors said he wouldn’t live more than a few weeks. Jaxon, who is now nearly 16 months old, has defied the odds and is inspiring people around the world.

He’s also inspired the hashtag, Jaxon Strong. 90.7’s Crystal Chavez visited the family’s home in Tavares to meet Jaxon and his parents, Brittany and Brandon.

They said he says 'mama' and 'dada' and continues to surprise them with his developmental milestones.

"He also says 'I love you' pretty routinely now. It's something we say to him, no exaggeration, hundreds of times a day and he started repeating it to us. He actually will say it all on his own," said Brandon Buell.

Jaxon's official diagnosis is microhydranencephaly, a developmental abnormality affecting the brain.

Listen to WMFE's conversation with the Buell family by clicking the play button at the top of this post.