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Passengers Stuck For Hours On SeaWorld Ride


Dozens of passengers are back on the ground after getting stuck on SeaWorld’s Sky Tower ride. It features a double-decker rotating pod that takes guests to the top of the 400 foot ride.

Michel Moffat and his family boarded the slow-moving ride to the top of Sky Tower at around noon Monday.

The ride doesn’t have a bathroom, and he thought about going ahead of time, but figured it wouldn’t take that long. Well, shortly after the round capsule made it to the top, it stopped suddenly.

“We saw all the people outside watching us and we had no idea what was going on,” said Moffat. “So we sat there and sat there and they eventually raised an Orange County fireman up and a maintenance worker to the top.”

That maintenance worker released the brake, and three hours later Moffat was back on the ground and shown to the nearest bathroom.