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Nutcracker, New Brew, Silent Disco and Orlando Remembered

Photo: Silent Events, wayhome.com: Silent Disco Orlando FB page
Photo: Silent Events, wayhome.com: Silent Disco Orlando FB page

The Nutcracker presented by Orlando Ballet, the recent beneficiary of over $160,000. dollars from the money middlemen at United Arts is tippy-toeing its way across the Dr. Phillips stage every day this weekend because little girls and ladies of a certain age. For tickets go to drphillipscenter.org

Sugarplum candies are the inspiration for the beer called La Fée Dragée which is having its Bottle Release Saturday starting at 11 in the morning hello day drinking. The bottles will be for sale at Hourglass Brewery in Longwood all day Saturday.

Fight your way through the ironic holiday sweaters and 90s tank tops to enjoy our city’s first (in a few years) silent disco. You get headphones and have a dance party outside. The headphones play the music so the neighbors living behind the bar aren’t disturbed.  Sweater Fest is Saturday starting at 7 in the empty parking lot behind the bars in the Milk District.

And finally, those who forget the past are damned to repeat it. So let’s so who did what to mess up Orlando in the past at the “Orlando Remembered” walk thru exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown. Admission is also one quarter of that Nutcracker show.

And as always, # Orlando is Wonderful.