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City Tells Timucua White House Owner To Get Proper Permit

Timucua White House. Photo courtesy of Benoit Glazer
Timucua White House. Photo courtesy of Benoit Glazer

The owner of Orlando’s “Timucua White House” is working to keep his doors open. Benoit Glazer runs Timucua White House, a free, public art and sound-proofed music venue at his home in Wadeview Park. The city wants him to get a conditional use permit.

Glazer is going door-to-door with a survey seeking support from his neighbors.

“I’m an eternal optimist and I think the city benefits a lot from what we’re doing. We think it’s important for the community and I think the city sees it that way too; I think they’re just trying to help us,” said Glazer.

Glazer said he hasn’t heard of any noise complaints. He’s gathering signatures through Tuesday when he meets with the city.

In a statement, the city said it supports the venue and wants to make sure it has the permit necessary for the health and safety of its patrons.

Glazer wants to expand his venue by building a new 768 square foot lobby where people can mingle before and after shows. The Glazer family has been holding free concerts at their home since 2007.