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Intersection: Friday News Round Table

Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons

Governor Rick Scott has struck a deal with the Seminole tribe to expand casino gambling in South Florida and, he says, pump billions into the state’s economy.

The deal still has to be signed off by the Florida legislature. Will they? There’s been strident opposition to gambling expansion in the past

Brevard County’s sheriff is calling on licensed gun owners to be on alert for terrorism.

A terrorist attack or active shooter scenario could happen in our backyard, said Sheriff Wayne Ivey in a video posted to Facebook- and concealed carry permit holders could be the only thing to stop that shooter. Sensible advice or fanning the flames of fear?

And the story out of  Windermere and the mysterious photos of women. Are they sleeping? Have they been drugged What’s going on and why won’t police talk about it? A bizarre new story out of a state known for bizarre news stories.

And as Donald Trump floats the idea of closing the US border to Muslims the mayor of St. Petersburg reacts, by banning Trump from his city

It’s the friday news round table on Intersection.