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Brevard County Sheriff Releases Video Telling People To Prepare For The Possibility Of A Mass Shooting

Screenshot of Brevard County Sheriff's video on Facebook.
Screenshot of Brevard County Sheriff's video on Facebook.

The Brevard County Sheriff says “enough is enough” when it comes to mass shootings. In a video on social media, Sheriff Wayne Ivey said he’s tired of leaders worrying more about being politically correct than being aggressive about protecting citizens from terrorists and evil people.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. If you’re a person who is legally licensed to carry a firearm now is the time more than ever to realize that you, and you alone, may very well be the first line of defense for you, your family and others around you in a terrorist or active shooter-based scenario,” said Ivey.

Ivey said people need to be mentally and physically ready should a mass shooting happen in our backyard.

“Run, think beforehand about how you could escape an emergency, don’t stop to collect your things and warn people to stop them from entering the dangerous area. Hide. Get out of view, preferably behind a locked door, barricade furniture in front of the door and turn off the lights, stay quiet, silence your cell phone,” said Ivey.

If you can’t escape, he said fight with every ounce of passion you have and arm yourself with anything you can findIvey said his message is not intended to scare people but to prevent the next tragedy in our country.