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Spotlight: "The Grinch" Answers Three Questions You've Always Wanted To Know

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.
Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

Christmas is just a few weeks away but the holiday hits Orlando’s theme parks even sooner. The Grinch is taking a break from "Whoville" to taunt crowds at Universal Orlando. Even though he was busy being grinchy, he agreed to an interview with 90.7's Crystal Chavez.

Chavez: "You like to sport the Santa suit. We have a question from a listener who has always wondered, why don't you wear pants?"

The Grinch: "They're not very comfortable. I feel very restrained I just like to wear the coat. Who's watching me anyway? Everybody's asleep. I walk in. I go out."

Chavez: "You’ve been known as the 'Grinch who Stole Christmas' since the ‘50s, but people often forget you gave it back. If you’re so “grinchy” why did you do that?"

The Grinch: "Gave it back? What are you talking about? I would never do that...Lies, all lies. Never give presents back, especially after stealing them all so masterfully."

Chavez: "You wear the hat, ride the sleigh and put antlers on your dog, and we all know you’ve thought 'Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more' …Do you secretly wish you were the real Santa?"

The Grinch: "Uhh, no, Have you seen me? I'm in peak physical condition; I'm green and mean. I'm way better than Santa."

The Grinch will be celebrating “Grinchmas” with appearances at Universal Orlando all month. Listen to his voice in all his grinchyness by clicking the player at the top of this post.