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Gas Reaches Six-Year Low For Florida Drivers

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Florida drivers are paying the cheapest prices in six years to fill up their gas tanks. New data from AAA show the average price of gas now $2.07 per gallon, down more than 70 cents from last year. Spokesman Mark Jenkins says prices started sliding sixteen days ago. By Thanksgiving weekend, Florida drivers were reaping the benefits of the six year lows, saving $10 on average for a full tank of gas.

Jenkins says it's due to an oversupply of domestic and foreign oil.

“Oil prices right now are around $42 a barrel. This time last year, they were around $70 a barrel. Those savings have been passed along to the motorists.”

Oil experts predict Florida gas should remain low at least through the end of this year. The average price of gas nationwide is $2.04.

Hawaii currently has the highest average gas price at $2.82 a gallon.