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Altamonte Springs Unveils First-Of-Its-Kind Water Reclamation Effort

The city of Ocala has decided to keep putting fluoride in the water. Photo courtesy Ohio State University.
The city of Ocala has decided to keep putting fluoride in the water.

Altamonte Springs is unveiling a new project aimed at reclaiming millions of gallons of water runoff from Interstate 4.

The city says the project is the first of its kind in the country.

The project involves capturing water runoff from I-4 in Altamonte Springs. The water then is pumped to a recommissioned water treatment plant, where it is cleaned to use for irrigation. It’s expected to reclaim 4.5 million gallons a day.

Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz says the water otherwise would have been dumped into the Little Wekiva River.

"In the process of avoiding Little Wekiva we're removing about 32,000 pounds of phosphorus every single year from the Little Wekiva."

Phosphorus is a common ingredient in fertilizers and organic wastes that in large amounts can damage water quality.

The state Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection and St. Johns River Water Management District support the project.



Amy Green covered the environment for WMFE until 2023. Her work included the 2020 podcast DRAINED.