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Gov. Scott Urges Congress: Block Syrian Refugees Relocation To Florida


Gov. Rick Scott is urging Congress to block attempts to relocate Syrian refugees to Florida. Scott joins a growing number of governors opposed to housing Syrian refugeesin the wake of the Paris attacks.

The Obama administration wants to place 425 Syrian refugees in Florida. In his letter to Congress, Scott pointed to Paris saying at least one of the attackers entered the country disguised as a Syrian refugee.

Corey Saylor with the Council on American Islamic Relations said opposition to Syrian refugees sends the wrong message. “It’s projecting the worst of American fears to the world,” said Saylor. “I think if you want to defeat ISIS ideology you have to project the best of American ideals to the world.”

The governor acknowledged in his letter that Florida lacks authority to stop the Syrian refugees from entering, but said he’s ordered officials to turn down any requests for help.