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State Attorney Ashton Files Charges Against King Cobra Owner

Mike Kennedy with his king cobra, Elvis.
Mike Kennedy

State Attorney Jeff Ashton’s Office has filed three misdemeanor counts against the owner of Orlando’s once escaped king cobra.

The charges against Mike Kennedy were filed Friday. They include not providing safe and proper housing for venomous reptiles and failing to immediately report the non-native reptile’s escape.

In a recent interview with WMFE, Kennedy said his first inclination was to thoroughly search for the snake, which he was convinced was still on his property.

“Why would I call and create some big ruckus and call and create the type of circus that’s been going on for the last month and a half if the animal is right there underneath a tool box or something? I wouldn’t do it,” said Kennedy.

The State Attorney’s Office says penalties include up to two years and 60 days in jail or fines up to $ 2,500.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is also trying to revoke Kennedy’s license for venomous reptiles.