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Spotlight: Park Station Sidewalk Dining


Park Station is the next project from the folks who previously had Diva, then NOPA on Morse Boulevard. NOPA was an acronym for Not On Park Avenue, but Park Station is — at 212 N. I wasn’t all that enthusiastic with NOPA, but I had a pleasant lunch experience at Park Station recently.

Part of what made it so enjoyable was sitting at one of the sidewalk tables on a gorgeous afternoon, shaded by an umbrella. Sidewalk dining has become one of the big draws of dining on Park Avenue, it’s hard to believe that it was banned at one time and that some businesses fought efforts to make it available.

My lunch companion chose the Water Club Sandwich, which was neither watery nor a club sandwich in the classic sense. Instead it was a grilled mahi mahi fillet served on a toasted brioche bun with red onion and tomato, and brown butter mayo. So, a fish sandwich, but one with a meaty and juicy fillet at its heart.

I went with the Park Station Burger, a thick patty of black angus beef, also on toasted brioche, also with red onion and thick tomato slice, with melted cheddar cheese. It was cooked to the requested medium-rare and was sufficiently juicy and flavorful with a nice blend of seasonings in the mix. A skewered pickle was stabbed through both sandwiches, a la Sword in the Stone. The burger was accompanied by fries, which were decent enough, although a mixed greens salad was another choice.

I did find the price of the burger a bit dear at $15.50. The fish sandwich was $14.50.

Our server was friendly and prompt. I did see the interior of the space, and it looked nice but the outside is better.

Besides lunch and dinner, Park Station also serves breakfast, obviously going for some of the trade from nearby Briarpatch. Competition is good.