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Creative City Project

Photo by Shannon Smith, Creative City Project, Orlandoweekly.com
Photo by Shannon Smith, Creative City Project, Orlandoweekly.com

In its first year, 2012, the Creative City Project presented a different art event every day in October. In 2013 organizer Cole Nesmith promised instead to aim for “density and intensity” and they streamlined the whole Project down into just one night. And they’ve delivered on that promise each year since.

Creative City Project takes over a swath of downtown for one night in a joyful display of Orlando’s creativity: artists in all disciplines line Orange Avenue, performing in settings that allow audiences to see their art up close and personal. Nesmith says, “We want to give people experiences they can’t have anywhere else.”

Starting at 6 p.m. Saturday, Orlando will be treated to dance ranging from ballet to belly to breakdancing. Music from hot jazz to marching band to EDM will fill the air. Aerial artists will sway above the street, 10 Ryder trucks will host art installations within, and Orlando City SC players will create a mural by kicking paint-dipped soccer balls at a wall. Maps and schedules are available at CreativeCityProject.com or with an app available for Android or iPhone.

Nesmith says, “We’re continuing to grow with the size of our audience while maintaining a value for intimacy — getting people as close to the art as possible.”

It’s all part of the drive toward density and intensity.