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Survey: Volusia County Students Don't Want School Uniforms


A majority of students in Volusia County don’t want school uniforms. About 70 percent of students who responded to the district’s online survey are against it. District Spokeswoman Nancy Wait said when teachers, parents and principals weighed in, the vote was split.

“The results were split 49 percent in favor, 47 percent not in favor and four percent who did not have an opinion” said Wait.

Wait admits the survey was not scientific. Results showed more principals took the survey than the number of principals there are in the district.

School board members now plan to meet with high school students in person to hear their ideas about school dress code and the uniforms proposal.

Wait said they'll ask questions such as, “How can we solve this problem because a lot of students are not complying with the current dress code? What can we put into place to make it acceptable to students and the adults alike?”

The Volusia County school district plans to start developing a new dress code or school uniform policy in November and December, with an initial vote as early as December.