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Central Florida Woman Learning To Live Life With One Arm Following Alligator Attack


It’s been about two months since an alligator bit off Rachel Lilienthal’s right arm while she was swimming in the Wekiva River. Lilienthal says much of her recovery is learning how to live life with one arm.

“Everything is slower. Everything takes more than twice as long at this point. The hope is that I get it to where it takes only twice as long. So, that's a lot of getting used to, there's a lot of frustration,” said Lilienthal.

On Friday she meets with her doctor to learn more about prosthetic options. Lilienthal said she still plans to enjoy the great outdoors, but she isn’t sure if that will include swimming in Florida waters.

She said she is thankful the river was busy with so many people that day,“and not just busy with any people, but a lifeguard and a very strong young man who was brave, and an Eagle Scout and a medical assistant.”

Lilienthal says she doesn’t know why the gator attacked her, but it could have become used to people. She encourages people to refrain from feeding wildlife.

Listen to her entire interview with 90.7 News by clicking the player above.