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New Florida Poll Puts Trump and Carson On Top

A new poll of Florida voters shows Donald Trump and Ben Carson leading the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls. Trump and Carson are followed by former governor Jeb Bush.

Doug Kaplan is the president and founder of Gravis Marketing, which conducted the poll. He said Trump’s gain is Bush and Senator Marco Rubio’s loss. “What’s interesting is that this is Bush’s and Rubio’s state, so you would expect them to be performing very well here and they’re not,” he said. “That shows the power of Trump.”

For Democrats, the poll shows Hillary Clinton on top followed by Vice President Joe Biden, who’s not even a candidate.

Kaplan said the Florida poll mirrors others done in the early voting states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.

The poll surveyed 1,584 registered voters with a margin of error of three percentage points for Republicans and four points for Democrats.