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Intersection: Friday News Round Table


“Incredibly stupid choices.” That’s how Orange and Osceola County state attorney Jeff Ashton described his decision to sign up for an Ashley Madison account.

At a press conference Ashton gave a day after he was outed by a local website, he said he did nothing illegal and has no plans to step down. The Orlando police union doesn’t see it that way. The union wants an investigation into whether Ashton broke any laws.

Then, there’s a storm bearing down on Florida. Erika could make landfall next week. Is the state ready? It’s been a decade since a hurricane hit Florida.

And, Orange County is throwing more resources into an escalating drug problem. The county’s set up a field hospital staffed with counselors at an apartment complex where there’s been a rash of heroin overdoses. What else needs to happen to stem the tide of drug abuse?