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Orange Co Health Department Cuts Back Its Prenatal Care

Orange County’s health department is no longer accepting new patients for prenatal care at two of its offices. Provider True Health will step in and deliver care.

Orange County’s offices at The Eastside and Lake Underhill will see its current patients until babies are delivered, but all new patients will be sent to True Health.

The county will continue prenatal care at its other two offices, said the health department’s Mirna Chamorro. “The clients that are being seen at Lake Underhill and Eastside have the options to go to our other clinics or to go to True Health,” she said.

Executive Director for Healthy Start Coalition, Orange County Linda Sutherland said True Health stepping in is a good thing. “So it’s not just that the health department is closing their clinics and there will be nothing, there will still be prenatal care provided,” said Sutherland.

Over the past year, county health departments across the state, including Seminole, have stopped providing prenatal care.