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Homeless Jesus Sculpture Sits As Quiet Reminder In Downtown Orlando


First Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando has unveiled a sculpture of a homeless Jesus. The church's purpose for the artwork is to engage the community in thoughtful conversation.

At a busy corner of Roslyn and Jackson, under a tree sits a sculpture of a man asleep under a blanket on a park bench. The only clue to his identity are the nail holes in his feet.

First Presbyterian senior pastor David Swanson said the piece is a meditation on Matthew 25:40. “That Jesus descends into the very deepest parts of our humanity, and the darkest parts,” said Swanson. “And we have a responsibility to be serving the most vulnerable among us as people.”

There are similar sculptures in cities around the world. Swanson said in some places, it has stirred outrage. But not in Orlando. Instead Swanson said it has sparked donations.