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Florida Drone Law Aims To Protect Privacy

Photo: Don McCullough, via Flickr
Photo: Don McCullough, via Flickr

A new law restricts drone photography of private property in Florida without written consent of the owner.  But some Florida drone operators say  it might not do much to curb nuisance drone use.

The amendment to Florida’s Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act allows property owners to sue for damages if they think their privacy’s been breached.

Bob Roth owns Blue Sky Flyovers in Sanford, and does aerial photography for real estate companies, construction, golf courses and events.

He said irresponsible drone users give everyone else a bad name.

“The people who bring their drones to the White House, and the people who are just hovering outside peoples’ windows- those are the people that need to be reined in," said Roth.  But without actual penalties, he said it was a "wasted piece of legislation."

He said the new law won’t impact legitimate drone operators like him.

Tim Trott, who wrote the e-book The Droner's Guide , said the law was motivated by "paranoia."

"These legislators keep trying to muddy the waters with things they don't understand," he said.