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Disney: Selfie Sticks Welcome In Parks, Not On Rides


No, Disney World is not banning selfie sticks at its parks. But it is cracking down on selfie sticks on park rides. The company says it’s instructing greeters at the theme park’s attractions to tell people to stow their selfie sticks before getting on the rides.

Company spokeswoman Marilyn Waters says as more people bring selfie sticks in, Disney’s clarifying a policy already in place. She says guests riding attractions, trams and other moving vehicles have always been asked to stow equipment such as cameras and canes—and selfie sticks fall in that category.

Self-described Disney fanatic, and regular park-visitor, Elaine Massey is happy with the move. “I read that on the Twitter feed and I was so glad. I just think the selfie sticks are out of hand because they can get in people’s way,” said Massey.

Bottom line: You can take your selfie stick into the theme park, just put it away on the rides.

Other theme parks have similar rules. In a statement, Sea World says loose items, including selfie sticks, are not allowed on rides or over any animal habitats.