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New Poll Shows Strong Support For Medical Marijuana In Florida


A Quinnipiac University poll released Mondayshows 84 percent of Floridians support medical marijuana. But Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown says Floridians have a history of showing early support of the issue. He says medical marijuana polled strong months ahead of the failed 2014 referendum.

“This is tricky grounds to try to make comparisons about, but obviously if 84 percent say they like the idea of medical marijuana it’s an indication there’s support out there. The problem is translating that into votes in an actual election,” said Brown.

The 2014 vote was just shy of the 60 percent needed to pass. Opposition voices, including the Florida Sheriffs Association, got louder as the November vote neared.

Medical marijuana supporters are collecting signatures to try to get the issue on the ballot again in 2016. A narrow medical marijuana Florida Senate bill, which would allow medical use of low-THC cannabis, is now in the final committee it would need to pass before reaching the senate floor.

The poll released Monday also showed 55-42 percent in Florida support decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use.