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Youth Vote Kept Florida Governor's Race Tight, Study Says


The Youth vote played an important role in the mid-election, according to one analysis of voter turnout.

CIRCLE is a nonpartisan research center that studies young people in politics.

Abby Kiesa, researcher for CIRCLE says mobilizing youth voters this election was one reason the turnout of young Americans between the ages of 18-29 years old reached 10 million.

Kiesa says the most important factor in the youth vote is information.

“Definitely providing young people with basic information about voting, how, when, where, is one of the most fundamental and most helpful things that you can do to help young people vote,”  she says.

Kiesa says in Florida, young voters favored Democrat Charlie Crist over Republican Rick Scott 54% to 43%.

She says those votes helped keep the race tight, although Crist ultimately lost his bid to unseat incumbent Scott.

Youth turnout for this election was comparable to the 2010 mid term elections.