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Morgan Vows To Bring Medical Marijuana Back

Photo credit: Eggrole, via Flickr
Photo credit: Eggrole, via Flickr

Medical Marijuana failed with 57 percent of the vote November 4, but that doesn’t mean the campaign is finished. Orlando Attorney John Morgan vowed to bring it back on the ballot in 2016.

Medical marijuana has always been a personal issue for John Morgan. His brother, who is a paraplegic, uses it.

At a press conference at his law office the day after the amendment failed, Morgan vowed to get medical marijuana legalized in the Sunshine State come 2016.

Morgan apologized for the loss, but said it was the first battle in a war he plans to win.

“A guy called me today and said his son got up  who really was counting on this, they go back and forth to California to get it - he said Dad, did we win Amendment 2? He said, no we didn’t," Morgan said. "He started crying. Which made me cry.”

While Amendment 2 fell 141,150 votes short of passage, it still got more yes votes than Rick Scott, Charlie Crist or Pam Bondi.

Morgan said with that kind of support, there’s a chance state legislators will take up the issue before 2016.

“Florida is a big state, it’s gonna be the biggest state in the presidential election and I know for a fact the national Republican party does not want this on that ballot in 2016.”

Opponents of medical marijuana are also vowing to keep up the fight. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said the amendment was too broad and voters were correct voting it down.

"I am proud to be one of the Florida Sheriffs who worked diligently in opposition to the amendment and who fought to preserve the quality of life for all Floridians," Demings wrote in a statement. "We are certain that the battle is not over and that proponents of the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes will continue their efforts."