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Grayson Wins Re-Election

US Congressman Alan Grayson delivers his election night speech. Photo- Abe Aboraya, WMFE
Alan grayson with a microphone, standing in front of a big US flag

Congressman Alan Grayson spoke to a crowd of fired up supporters at a watch party in downtown Orlando Tuesday night, after winning his re-election bid for US congressional district 9.

It was one bright spot for Central Florida Democrats, on a night when several other races didn't go their way.

Well we won! And we won big!” Grayson told more than 400 supporters at the Abbey in Orlando.

It was actually Republicans who won big statewide and nationally, but you wouldn't have known it from the crowd.

“I don’t want to say in any sense that my race was more important that anybody else’s  race, I know that’s not the case," said Grayson.

"But I do want you to know that people in this room are happy to see that an old-fashioned, people-powered, door-to-door campaign can still succeed.”

For many there was a sense of relief- It was the end of campaign season, regardless of outcome.

But as it became clear that Charlie Crist had lost the bid for governor, the cheers died down.

Grayson, though, kept a smile.

Asked how he would celebrate, Grayson had this to say:

“Well for goodness sake I’m the congressman from Disney World. So I guess I’m going to Disney world!”