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Former Broward County Republican Party Chair Reflects On Scott Win


Republican Governor Rick Scott’s victory in a tight race against Charlie Crist, a Democrat, came down to two factors: turnout and the economy.

That’s according to political commentator Ed Pozzuoli.

Pozzuoli is president of the Tripp Scott Law firm and former Broward County Republican party chair.

He says things are going well economically in Florida- and that helped Governor Scott.

“Republicans I think were ultimately more motivated than Democrats across the state to come out and vote for their candidate," says Pozuolli.

"With respect to Governor Scott, I think Republicans were highly supportive and he got some crossover vote because of the quality of the economy.”

Pozzuoli says the Gubernatorial campaign also offered a glimpse of what’s ahead for the 2016 presidential campaign.

Scott’s campaign garnered support from the likes of Governors Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry, while the Clintons and vice president Joe Biden turned out for Charlie Crist.

See below for an interview with Ed Pozzuoli.

[audio mp3="http://www.wmfe.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Ed_Pozzuoli_election_recap.mp3"][/audio]