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Expect an Election Free of Fraud, Official Says


When millions of Floridians vote Tuesday, they’ll do so in accordance with state and federal laws right up to the U.S. Constitution. Those regulations seek to promote voter access while preventing fraud. Debate over that balance has raged for centuries. One Florida official is firm about where he stands.

On the one hand, some countries have such corrupt elections, fraudulent ballots drown out legitimate ones. Even in Florida, a handful of noncitizens and ineligible felons have been caught voting.

On the other hand, advocates like Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho argue in-person voter fraud is so rare in Florida – it’s almost nonexistent. In September, he told reporters in Tallahassee what he’s seen in his 26 years on the job. After that speech, 90.7’s Amy Kiley asked Sancho to back up his claims.