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Orlando Conference Focuses on Future of Biodiesel

Biodiesel producers have been told their industry could founder unless the mandatory volume of biomass based diesel is increased.

Speaking at the National Biodiesel Board’s annual conference in Orlando Monday,  the group’s chief executive said the renewable fuel standard for biodiesel must increase, or the industry will languish. 

Under the Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS, the Environmental Protection Agency set the minimum volume of biomass based diesel that must be consumed in 2012 at one billion gallons.

National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe said the EPA has proposed to increase that to one-point-two-eight billion gallons in 2013, but it’s yet to sign off on the standard. 

“Our industry must be allowed to have conservative growth under the RFS or we will stagnate. Lack of growth would eliminate opportunities for innovation and competition and investment, and all the promise the RFS brings that we know our industry’s capable of," Jobe said. 

Jobe told producers, growers and marketers that failure to raise the minimum volume next year would set a dangerous precedent for the future.

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